Routes in Teaching Modern Greek

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A2. Teaching Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation
(A2. Grammar - Vocabulary - Pronunciation)

This module consists of four chapters. The first one aims to make a brief review of the teaching approaches and methods developed and used over the years for the teaching of foreign languages. Within this framework, we examine the position of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation within each of the methods examined and the techniques promoted by each method for the effective development of those language components. At the end of chapter one, a typology of teaching activities is presented and this is adopted throughout the module. The main objective of the first chapter is to provide trainees with a good theoretical background in the language teaching methodology so as to make them aware of the teaching choices available, their advantages and disadvantages as well as of their effectiveness in the teaching / learning procedure. The second, third and fourth chapters emphasize on the teaching of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, respectively. Each of those chapters addresses a number of questions with regard to the teaching of those language components and presents teaching activities that combine a variety of techniques and follow the typology presented in the first chapter.