Routes in Teaching Modern Greek

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LS-1: Grammar
(LS-1: Grammar)


The module related to the morphology of Modern Greek is addressed to students of Modern Greek Studies at universities abroad, who are below the B2 level of attainment in Greek.

The teaching material consists of two parts: a) the first part which discusses aspects of morphology and includes consolidation activities of reduced difficulty and b) the second part with additional exercises of increased difficulty, which offer more practice on all the aspects of morphology discussed in the first part.

Part A of the material is divided into five sections with the following headings: 1) Parts of speech – the article, 2) the noun, 3) the adjective, 4) numerals and 5) the verb. Each section is divided into "theory" and "activities". The "theory" of each section presents, in a simple way, the main morphological characteristics of inflectional elements, while the corresponding activities (gap filling and transformation exercises) aim at familiarizing students of Greek with morphological rules and facilitating their application.

Part B includes additional activities of the same type as those in Part B, albeit of increased difficulty as they include authentic texts, for further consolidation.