Routes in Teaching Modern Greek

C4 - Teaching Greek as a Foreign-Second Language through Technology
(C4 - Teaching Greek through Technology)

This module describes electronic media and suggests ways to use them in computer-assisted learning in the context of teaching Greek as a foreign/second language. This module is of purely practical nature. Given the fact that the available products of modern technology are so numerous that cannot be all included in a training program of this kind, we decided to focus on the most representative ones, based on (a) the accessibility of the relevant software to all participants and b) their didactic value. We begin by presenting certain electronic tools, such as electronic dictionaries and electronic text corpora. We then proceed to discuss learning communities (communities of practice and learning) and some modern communication tools, such as blogs, wikis, Skype and Edmodo. Finally, we extensively describe the capabilities of the program Hot Potatoes. The aim of this module is for the trainees to be sufficiently and effectively trained in the aforementioned tools in order to be able to integrate computer-assisted teaching methods and to create L2 teaching material, which they can adapt to the language needs of their students.