Routes in Teaching Modern Greek

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C5 – Evaluation in Teaching Greek as a Foreign-Second Language
(C5 – Evaluation in Teaching Greek)

In the first chapter of the module we define assessment, we justify the feasibility of assessing the learner outcome in the context of learning a second/foreign language and we present the main features that a well-structured language test should have. In the second chapter we discuss the categories of different kinds of language tests (qualifying or diagnostic ones, etc.), as well as to their usability. In the third chapter we present the development of a well-structured language test and the most common assessment techniques, while in the fourth chapter we refer to the assessment of both receptive (listening and reading) and productive (speaking and writing) language skills. We also present the tools and, more specifically, the e-tools of the Centre for the Greek Language which can be used during the construction of each language testing. The module concludes with the fifth chapter which is concerned with alternative forms of assessment in the teaching of a second/foreign language and focuses on two of the most prevalent ones, namely, portfolios and the project.