Routes in Teaching Modern Greek

C6 - Teaching Modern Greek Literature to Students
(C6 - Teaching Modern Greek Literature to Students)

...of Greek as a Foreign-Second Language

With a view to establishing the identity of the object of teaching literature, first we briefly examine the constitutive features of the literary language and literary texts in relation to non-fiction texts. We also do a throwback to the teaching of literature in national curricula (with special emphasis on the Modern Greek example) with a focus on the pedagogical traditions who served it. We also stress the strong links which were developed with linguistic treatment. Moreover, we present various types of reading and their exploitation in teaching, as well as the interdisciplinary characteristics of the field occupied by the teaching of literature. We refer to the objectives and the instructional practices of teaching Modern Greek literature in the context of the teaching of Greek as a second/foreign language (production and comprehension of spoken and written) with respect to attributes and methods of lifelong learning and differentiated instruction. Finally, we propose teaching examples (applications) for the teaching of Modern Greek literature from the original texts to students of Greek as a second/foreign language. The module is supplemented by a digital library of Modern Greek literary texts which are proposed for teaching use.